Jeffrey Spar

Jeffrey Sparr

On a whim, and with no background or training, Sparr decided to try his hand at painting. Like discovering a superpower, he found painting dramatically subdued the symptoms of his Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), providing a creative outlet and sense of control. Sparr has been crowned the “Forrest Gump” of painting: Forrest did not stop running, Sparr has not stopped painting. This discovery changed the course of Jeff’s life.

Jeff paints with passion and purpose, using foam brushes, brash strokes, and bold colors. He works quickly, pouring his energies onto the canvas. Brush in hand, he is in a zone, experiencing the quietude of his own mind. He is the man in the fedora: cool, strong, and self-assured. “I’m the peaceman,” he says, “it’s like a Superman thing.”

Jeff has harnessed his superpower and is on a mission to help millions of people find peace of mind through the arts. “I painted it made me feel better, I thought it would help others, that simple.”