Artists in North Smithfield, RI

Our wonderful artists at Complements Art Gallery make it all possible for us to do what we do in North Smithfield, RI. We rely on their incredible work to bring wonder and inspiration to the people who view their masterpieces and to those who might want to purchase them as well. We want to provide you with some examples of the artists we work with and type of work that these amazing artists do. We hope you’ll contact us to learn more about their work (including our selection In the Attic) and our framing services for your beautiful new pieces.

Timothy O’Toole

Timothy has harbored a passion for art since a very young age. He was known for picking up art supplies and working with them even when he was a small child. His parents and close friends also encouraged him to do what he does best and create amazing custom fine art. He went to the Dayton Art Institute to chase his passions and received a Bachelor of Fine Art from the University of Cincinnati. He is well-educated on the finer points of creating amazing art. He works to create fine art for sale through us, and we are so honored to have his pieces in our collection. He has a record of 25 years of creating pieces that are purchased and collected all throughout the country. It is indeed a high point for us that he also produces works that we sell at Complements Art Gallery.

Jennifer Lister Shaw

Jennifer is a more classically trained artist in the sense that she attended the prestigious Pratt at Munson William Proctor Institute. She was awarded the Junior Painter Award in 2001, which she worked very hard to achieve. She graduated from Syracuse the next year with a BFA majoring in painting.

She has worked for numerous companies over the years to produce works of art for them, but she resigned from those jobs to pursue a career as a self-employed artist. This gives her more creative freedom over her work, and we are so pleased that she has contributed pieces to our collection.

All of the artists we feature have incredible backstories and contributions to the art world. We strongly encourage anyone who comes to check out what we are all about to stop and pay attention to some of these names. They have strong resumes as artists, and we think you will love their work.

Kari Taylor

Kari has worked on commercial prints and traditional artwork since she finished up her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Arizona State University. She had done some previous work as a dancer, and she likes to show motion and movement in her pieces as a result. She lives in Phoenix with her husband and three dogs and continues to produce amazing pieces of artwork on a regular basis. She is a delight to have in our collection.

Alexys Henry

Alexys Henry 70x60 50x50 60x96 50x60 30x30 30x30 60x60 30x30 30x30 60x96 30x60 30x60 Although Alexys Henry was born in Arizona, she grew up in both Phoenix and New York and was influenced by dramatic shifts in both cultural and physical environments. While in Phoenix, Henry was very active on her college campus studying journalism, [...]

Angela Maritz

Angela Maritz 30x40 30x40 30x30 30x30 36x48 36x48 30x30 30x30 24x48 24x48 24x30 24x30 Angela Maritz lives and works in the Bay of Plenty on the east coast of New Zealand’s North Island, having moved there from her native country of South Africa in 2007. Angela believes she was born to be an artist, her [...]

Anthony Tomaselli

Anthony Tomaselli 36x36 24x36 36x36 24x48 24x36 40x60 30x48 36x36 24x36 Born in 1954 in Rhode Island to an Italian-American family, Anthony Tomaselli has had a passion for the visual arts from a young age. As a student at Rhode Island College, Anthony worked under dedicated, thoughtful, and passionate educators who left an enduring mark [...]

Antonia Tyz Peeples

Antonia Tyz Peeples 20x24 36x48 24x36 30x30 24x48 24x48 Magnitude, serenity, beauty, power, and endless rhythm are some of the many reasons the ocean is a never-ending source of inspiration for me. I love to closely study the patterns and designs that occur. I take hundreds of photos every year to use as research and [...]

Bob Curran

Bob Curran 16x20 30x40 24x36 24x48 24x36 16x20 40x40 24x36 24x36 18x24 Bob Curran was born in Providence, Rhode Island, so the ocean which surrounded him became his inspiration. Block Island and Maine’s coastline are influential in many of Bob’s paintings, along with the works of many realism artists. As a self-taught artist, Bob honed [...]

Catherine Lee

Catherine Lee 24x36 24x36 30x40 24x36 20x24 The artist’s real name is Li Jian Zhu, but her signature name is Catherine Lee. She was born on February 4th, 1975, in Xiamen, Bok Kun Providence, Chine. She loved to paint and wanted to become an artist at a very young age, she graduated from Xiamen Art [...]

Chul Park

Chul Park 30x40 36x36 36x48 Chul Park was born in Yeongil City, Gilim Providence, China in June 1969. At a young age, C. Park was greatly interested in paintings. Park studied at Gilim Fine Art Institute and has been working full-time as an artist since 1995. His expertise is in painting impressionistic and contemporary gardens, [...]


Clifton 38x26 38x26 A Chinese contemporary, Clifton enjoys the fine art of plein-air painting. Each painting translates the ambience of light and atmosphere. His brushwork combines the sensitivity of the landscape with an almost impasto use of color. His technique has become characteristic of the impressionist movement with his discontinuous strokes of color that attempt [...]

Cui Ji

Cui Ji 36x60 36x60 48x48 36x60 36x48 24x48 Cui Ji was born on January 16th, 1966 in Wangchin, Jirin Providence in China. He was interested in painting ever since he was a kid, and he pursued his career as an artist by attending and graduating from Yenben University. Many of his paintings were exhibited at [...]

Dennis Carney

Dennis Carney 40x40 40x40 32x68 26x46 26x46 10x10 10x10 10x10 10x10 Dennis Carney was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico and spent his childhood surrounded by the colorful landscape of the deserts. Later, Carney's family would move to Texas where Dennis would continue to pursue art and invention by attending the University of North Texas. The [...]

Dennis Sheehan

Dennis Sheehan 12x12 12x12 12x12 24x36 20x30 Dennis Sheehan’s work is often described as reminiscent of the great masters of the Barbizon school, in France in the 19th century, and the American Tonalist. Born in Boston in 1950, he has works in major public and private collections, including the White House. His work has been [...]

Domine Ragosta

Domine Ragosta 30x40 24x48 30x40 Domine has been a full-time artist for over 35 years. She paints with a palette knife and her style is Impressionism, with her newest work reflecting an abstract interpretation. The view from her studio overlooking Hawkins Pond in Rhode Island has been a source of inspiration, as well as the [...]


Emily 36x36 In 1971, Emily was born in Seoul and attended an art high school. Emily first started painting just as a hobby but quickly developed a strong passion while learning the ability to capture beautiful scenery onto a canvas just by painting with hands. In addition, she paints with a lot of detail and [...]

Helen Zarin

Helen Zarin 50x50 30x30 50x50 26x51 30x40 40x50 40x40 36x36 40x40 50x50 50x50 50x50 30x30 30x30 23x29 40x52 40x52 40x50 40x40 40x50 50x50 50x40 50x50 50x50 30x70 30x70 40x40 40x40 36x36 36x36 Zarin – The name instinctively provokes the imagination with the mystery of antiquity, of an illustrious by-gone age. Zarin’s paintings coerce the viewer [...]

Jason Jarava

Jason Jarava 30x30 30x30 24x24 Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Jason Jarava started showing interest in art at a very early age. Fortunate enough to have encouraging family and friends, he began to spend most of his time in the arts. Location was also a big influence on the direction his art took. Luxuriant landscapes, tall [...]

Jean Charon

Jean Charon 40x60 J. Charon was born in 1959 in Chungcheongbuk-do. As A child, he saw other children near his age painting and became determined for art. His family moved to Seoul, where his father enrolled him in an art school where he could be taught professionally at an early age. In 1990, jean traveled [...]

Jeffrey Sparr

Jeffrey Sparr 18x24 16x20 18x24 On a whim, and with no background or training, Sparr decided to try his hand at painting. Like discovering a superpower, he found painting dramatically subdued the symptoms of his Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), providing a creative outlet and sense of control. Sparr has been crowned the "Forrest Gump" of painting: [...]

Jennifer Lister Shaw

Jennifer Lister Shaw 30x60 30x60 Born in the agricultural landscape of Upstate New York in 1980, artist Jennifer Shaw grew up the eldest of six children in the small town of Rodman. Her close-knit family ties helped build the confidence that is needed to visually explore and render the world around and expand a young [...]

Jodi Maas

Jodi Maas 60x40 72x36 Having lived in Hong Kong for 5 years, Jodi was able to experience the diverse cultures and fascinating beauty of many exotic countries including India, Nepal, Thailand, Japan, and the Philippines. After extensive travel, she now calls Arizona home. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Illustration from [...]

John Young

John Young 24x48 48x36 20x24 30x40 24x48 24x48 24x48 30x40 30x40 John Young was born in Wangqing City, Jilin Province, China 1970. As a Korean-Chinese artist, his Korean name is Jeon Young Wook, and his official Chinese name is Quan Yong Xu. John Young was inspired by Impressionist painters Alfred Sisley and George Inness. He [...]

Joshua Schicker

Joshua Schicker 60x60 40x24 40x24 40x60 40x60 44x64 Joshua Paul Schicker was born in Omaha, Nebraska. Raised in a variety of places, Joshua spent time in Izmir, Turkey, Guam, and Washington State. These diverse experiences had much influence on his later work. He arrived in Phoenix, Arizona as a freshman in high school. This led [...]

Jossy Lownes

Jossy Lownes 30x30 30x30 30x40 Jossy Lownes’ artistry was shaped by the reflection of Narragansett Bay, Utah’s unlikely terrain, and the banded hues of color that decorate Arizona’s desert. For Jossy, color comes first: a dab here, a swash or stroke there. She draws from a rich catalog of visual memories. Working in oil and [...]

Kari Taylor

Kari Taylor 60x60 50x70 60x60 Kari grew up in Arizona where she attended Arizona State University, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in printmaking. After college, she worked in the fine art field producing both commercial prints and artwork. Previously a dancer and choreographer, she is drawn to objects in space and their movement. [...]

Larisa Martino

Larisa Martino 5x7 5x7 5x7 5x7 5x7 11x14 12x18.5 An ethnically Russian artist who was born, raised, and educated in Central Asia (a former part of the USSR), Larisa dates her passion for art from an early school age when she attended drawing classes in afterschool programs. She developed a fusion of art styles having [...]


Lucian 48x48 Lucian is a member of the Korean Fine Arts Association and Korean Professional Artists Association. He has participated in many private and group exhibitions over the years such as the 2004 Korea Professional Artist Mall (KPAM) Festival, which encourages modern arts to the Korean community; Busan Daily Exhibition; 2004 Korean Art White Paper [...]

Marie Klieber

Marie Klieber 4x47 6x47 6x47 Varies Growing up in the Midwest, Marie's earliest years focused on the changing of seasons and the colors associated with nature's splendid beauty. Artistic endeavors were a family tradition from both an amateur and a professional perspectives. After graduating from college, Marie took the plunge, packed her bags, and headed [...]

Maya Eventov

Maya Eventov 40x40 40x40 30x40 36x48 30x48 12x48 12x48 40x40 36x36 40x40 12x48 12x48 40x40 20x20 20x20 Maya Eventov grew up in Leningrad in the former Soviet Union. St. Petersburg, as it is now known, is a city fabled for its beauty and culture. At a very young age her parents introduced her to the [...]

Natasha Barnes

Natasha Barnes 18x18 18x18 18x26 18x26 36x72 30x60 Natasha Barnes is a South African artist and has been painting since the age of seven. Her natural talent and pure passion for painting has led this self-taught artist to develop a profound style, exhibiting expressionism, color, and movement. Her paintings are inspirations found in her travels [...]

P. Bell

P. Bell 30x40 30x40 36x48 24x36 24x36 30x40 30x40 30x40 30x30 30x40 24x48 P. Bellâ's real name is Guinam Chung. He was born in Jilin Province, China on June 25, 1971. He was accepted in Yanbian College of Art in 1996. He then received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in 1999. He dedicates himself [...]

P. Charles

P. Charles 36x36 Charlie was born in 1955 in Kunsan. While in school, he enjoyed art class very much and quickly grew passionate for painting and art in general. His dream was to become a famous artist when he was young, so he worked diligently to build up his artistic ability. Charlie loves the concept [...]

P.T. Tiersky

P.T. Tiersky 23x23 23x23 23x23 Born in a small farming community in Illinois in 1959, P.T.’s growing-up years were spent immersed in the elements of nature. After graduating from college in Iowa, a move to Minneapolis is where a love for artistic endeavors first emerged. As a hobby, the future artist started mixing artistic papers [...]

Pietro Adamo

Pietro Adamo 30x30 30x30 30x30 Pietro Adamo was born in Toronto, Canada in 1955. He enrolled in the Fine Art and Art History Program at the University of Toronto and Sheridan College. The paintings of Adamo are a celebration of the artist's admiration for the “unpredictable and inexhaustible record of life." He abandons the conventional [...]

Richard Benjamin

Richard Benjamin 36x24 Rhode Island is probably the most photographically neglected state in the country, at least from what I can find on the Internet. Perhaps it has something to do with its size but certainly not with the quality of its photo opportunities. As a photojournalist for 32 years, 27 of them at the [...]

Rikki Drotar

Rikki Drotar 30x30 30x30 26x26 I was born in southern Idaho but moved around frequently throughout my life. From each place I lived or visited, I would take in the rich beauty and diversity around me and try to create what I saw. I studied Fine Art and Illustration at Utah State University before moving [...]

Sue Dion

Sue Dion 16x20 16x20 16x20 16x60 12x36 30x24 48x24 24x24 30x40 12x36 24x48 Sue Dion is a painter working in acrylic, oil, and watercolor. She has studied at both Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. As a self-proclaimed life-long learner, she continues to study with other artists who have [...]

Sydney Edmunds

Sydney Edmunds 40x60 44x34 44x34 60x60 50x60 Growing up Sydney Edmunds would sit and draw for hours. In love with the human form, she would take magazine s and draw the person on the cover. “I wanted to capture not only their likeness but their character, what made them real.” She loved the old masters, [...]

Timothy O’Toole

Timothy O'Toole 40x60 40x64 42x60 Born in Dayton, Ohio, painter Timothy O'Toole began his enthusiasm for drawing and painting at an early age. He was encouraged by his parents and their circle of friends, many of whom were professional painters and sculptors, and he found himself surrounded from the onset by a wealth of creativity [...]