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Kim Yun Ha

Yun Ha Kim was born on May 25, 1976, in Seoul, South Korea. She studied oil painting at Soo-won University of Fine Art. She has received many awards for her art works during her school years and in her professional career. She currently lives and works in Seoul, South Korea.
As a child, Yun Ha Kim naturally had an interest in drawing and coloring. Due to a number of artists in her family, she was nurtured in an artistic environment and her artistic talents were encouraged. A major impact on her interest in the art world was due to her next-door neighbor, who was a starving artist at the time. While she was in middle school, this neighbor taught her the use of colors, techniques and making compositions on canvases.
Yun Ha Kim has a great respect for Paul Cezanne, the “Father of Modern Art”. Cezanne’s innovative style, use of perspective, composition and color profoundly influenced Yun Ha’s art works. She uses color with passion and rhythmic formation of her paintings show high artistic talent.

All photographs taken courtesy of Kimberli Photography