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Erik Zwezerijnen

"For me, art is freedom!", says Erik Zwezerijnen, born in 1958 in Jutfaas, The Netherlands. "When I am painting, I am not responsible to anyone except for myself."

"Not being confined by rules such as perspective, light fall or anatomy, I use this freedom to create my own story: lyrically abstract, full of mystery, playful, figurative, but always rich in colour and expression."

"To me, art is also communication. Communication with the medium: I love painting with bare hands in order to feel the materials. Communication with the deepest layers within myself."

"And finally, communication with the audience. In my work, experiment is a vital element. Allowing the matter to make its way, as long as I stay master of my own work. No other coincidence than my own coincidence..."

All photographs taken courtesy of Kimberli Photography