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Emilio Rojas

Born in Peru, in 1956, Rojas is a remarkable example to all the handicapped people with an artistic vocation. Born physically disable, Rojas never saw himself at a disadvantage to become a painter. He always believed that he will become a well known painter and, impressively enough, on traditional figurative art. To improve his technique, Rojas joined several courses related to conservation and restoration of antique paintings, including courses in chemistry. This knowledge has allowed him to obtain effects that are not commonly seen in painting. Rojas graduated from the Escuela de Bellas Artes de Lima with the highest honours, which help him establish his painting in the market, proving to the skeptics that he could become a professional painter. In the next few months, Rojas will travel to Brazil to continue to expand his horizons and, hopefully, use it as a springboard to move to Europe.

All photographs taken courtesy of Kimberli Photography