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“I find beauty all around me with people, buildings, and
landscapes. A lot of times, I’ll see faces or designs in things before I realize
what it is I’m looking a car or tree.”
“I like to live my life without drama and surround myself with things that make me feel emotions,” explains artist Bridges. “I want my art to provoke a feeling, a strong emotion. I want someone to look at my art and say-‘I’ve felt that before’-whether good or bad.”
Born in Fountain Valley, California, Bridges moved frequently as a small child and, by her own description, never felt there was anywhere to call home. She spent her time deep in her imagination, drawing the things that came into her mind and mastering her skills at rendering. To her delight, she found that art and drawing were not only her solace and pastime, but a way to make new friends as well, and wherever she went, she employed her art to express herself to others.
Educated at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco, Bridges credits her time there as one of the most creative in her burgeoning understanding of art. “I learned a lot about letting go,” the artist states, “and began painting what I thought was good, not what I thought others wanted to see.” She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, was on the Dean’s list for two years and was chosen for an internship with George Lucas’ prestigious ?lm design studio, Industrial Light and Magic.
With a wealth of imagination and training, artist Bridges also draws her inspiration from favorite artists from the past. She ?nds herself intrigued by the moodiness of Rembrandt’s chiaroscuro, the extreme play of light and shadow in his compositions, and loves the vibrant color, richness of design and ?owing fabrics in the poster designs of French artist Mucha. When she is not creating art, Bridges enjoys seeing movies and listening to music. Bridges explains her love of ?lm and music when she says: “They inspire me and evoke emotions in me... then all the ideas come ?owing out.”

All photographs taken courtesy of Kimberli Photography