Our Unique Gallery


Fine art not only significantly changes your living and working environment, but it is one of the rare pleasures in life that is lasting. Collecting art can be an exciting and rewarding experience.  As an “investment”, art can provide you with many aesthetic qualities that stocks and bonds cannot.  Investing in your collection will return value, as well as long term enjoyment.

For over twenty years, Complements has provided professional art consultation to individuals, families, small businesses and large corporations. Purchasing art can be a pleasurable, risk free and affordable experience, done in the comfort of your home or office. Although you are welcome to visit our beautiful gallery in North Smithfield, Rhode Island, we prefer to present the art where it can be appreciated and evaluated in its proper setting.


At Complements, our comprehensive fine art services can be customized to meet the needs of first-time buyers, serious collectors, interior designers and corporations alike.  We take pride in offering all of our client’s quality, integrity and creativity.

One of our most important services is working with interior designers to coordinate a totally unique and exciting look for residential and corporate interiors. This service includes: providing new art, re-hanging/reframing existing art, as well as making mirrors and other accessory artifacts. If you do not have a designer, we are happy to recommend one of the many outstanding professionals throughout the Northeast.

Complements Art Gallery is located on 17 acres of beautiful rolling hills property in North Smithfield, Rhode Island. We are very proud that our gallery is unique on many levels: from it’s spectacular location to a many exclusive services that we provide to our commercial and residential clients.